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. in oklahoma city, an ominous wall cloud appeared late this afternoon as all eyes turned to the threatening skies amid a flurry of warnings. already there had been a number of tornadoes that have touched down in oklahoma, including this one we saw a bit earlier in edmond. this has been a topsy-turvy weekend for a lot of paeople in the country's midsection and this weather is on the move. tonight the national weather service says 148 million people are at risk for severe weather from now into tuesday. that's half the u.s. population. we watched as this all unfolded in oklahoma just moments ago. take a listen. >> go left! >> big-gun tornado coming down! >> look at that. folks, that's violent. that's violent. >> violent tornado! off to the right. big-time debris cloud. there is large structural debris. >> it is heading for -- >> right in front of us! dobbs road. >> it's very dangerous! >> baseball-sized hail. that is approaching dobbs road. one mile south of waterloo road. you folks in rural areas up there, this is a life threatening, damaging tornado here. it is large and multi-vortex. >> as
those taken to the hospital. >>> more trouble for the baltimore city jail. a new report out by the department of justice shows inmate suffer the second highest level of sexual abuse by guards in the country. it comes after inmate and alleged gang member tayvon white was involved in bribing correction officers to help him and is accused of impregnating several guards in the jail. >>> virginia state republicans have picked their candidate for three statewide offices. voting wrapped up with the party's convention in richmond. after multiple ballots, jackson received the nod for lieutenant governor. k he will likely face democratic nominee in november. julie kerry spoke to him about the nomination. >> we can all turn and focus on a unified fashion on winning in november. we have an advantage on the republican side. we have our ticket three and a half weeks before the democrats. >> planned parenthood of virginia protested his nomination. the d.c. mayoral race is starting to take shape. ward six council member wells announced he is running. he said the district is in a crisis of e
. and showers are a likelihood for everybody today, but a better likelihood town to the south of the city. highs around 70 degrees. we'll talk about the rest of today and your sunday coming up in a few more minutes. >>> now to a developing story out of new england this morning. crews are trying to clean up after a train crash. dozens of people are still recovering. they were in two commuter trains that collided during the evening rush. here's the latest from dan shinman. >> reporter: authorities say a metro north train en route to new york city derailed and collided with another train on an adjacent track. >> the cars came into contact and ripped off at least a portion of siding of one of the cars. extensive damage in the front. >> reporter: a passenger described the aftermath. >> we were pretty shaken up. we had to smash a window to get out. a lot of really worried people. >> reporter: 60 commuters were taken to the hospital most with nonlife threatening injuries. >> fife five individuals were reported critical. >> reporter: the governor said the area where the accident occurred is down to just
: it was a typical busy sunday morning at the crystal city ports pub but the hours before were anything but typical. >> the atm was broken in to. got in the restaurant and took the money out. >> this burglary was methodical and brazen. there is no time whenouth 23rd street isn't busy even the early morning, late-night hours when the burglary is suspected to have happened. looks like they came through a grass door of the business and defeated the alarm system and motion sensors and went for the atm and cut in to the machine to get the money getting aundetected. >> they knew what they were looking for and came right at it. >> staff went about putting in a new atm and there are upgrades to the security, as well. in his 19 years here it's been nothing like this. police say it is rare for crystal city, too. >> they said there was some incidents in maryland but nothing around here. >> arlington police are still investigating this robbery. derrick ward, news 4. >>> a popular pizza place in old town alexandria back open after a small fire this morning. firefighters were called to bugsy's pizza restaurant &
in kansas city, and that's where the effects of the dead were shipped from six kontmentsin, and they accumulated over time in an extraordinarily powerful way. they would put together the affects from some dead kid from new guinea or from france. they would clean the blood stains off of his uniform and his web gear. they would take out the pornography or the letters from a girlfriend you didn't want to see the grieving widow to find, and they would pack it all up. and in the meantime, there were typists banging away in an adjacent room, 70,000 letters a month, ultimately, in 1945. and the gist of it was, dear sir, dear madam, we have your dead son's stuff. where should we send it? that's what war is. >> war is also about returning the remains back to america and the effort there was unbelievable, as my colleague from "playbook," mike allen, wrote about this week, writing about the war, the book. >> yeah, we were a victorious nation and a wealthy nation, and we could afford to give the next of kin in 1947 a one-time option of whether to repatriate your dead soldier or to leav
, just after 6:00. just about an hour outside of new york city, in this busy corridor that services commuters between boston and new york and rescuers certainly had to help dozens of passengers out that were taken to nearby hospitals, as many as 60 people we're told taken to nearby hospitals to be treated for various injuries. about five in critical condition. and one was in serious condition, according to the governor, who had a press conference last night. what the initial investigation shows that the -- one of the trains that was heading eastbound toward new york city, packed with about 300 passengers, somehow derailed off of the tracks here and collided with a westbound train that was also carrying hundreds of passengers. again, rescuers scrambling in initial moments to get people off of those -- out of those trains and to help them. fortunately, no one was killed, but investigators will be poring over this wreckage today and, lester, it could be days before the wreckage and the service is restored. amtrak has also suspended service between new york city and new haven. >> michel
. lester, we know from the twin cities, minneapolis, minnesota, all the way down to dallas, texas, we need to be on alert. of course, we'll be on top of it for you throughout the afternoon. lester, back to you. >> incredible mans you shared with us, mike. i know you guys know what you're doing, but i'm compelled to say be careful out there, all right? >> reporter: all right. >> all right. here's erica. >>> as mike mentioned, the threat is ramping up. dylan is following the severe weather for the country. dylan is upstairs. good morning. >> good morning, erica. we are going to see another severe weather outbreak today. but this time around, instead of just evening tornados like we saw yesterday, we have the chance of tornados developing all throughout the afternoon, and then again into this evening as well. you can see the area of red from minneapolis right down into central texas. that's where we are going to see strong storms with some moderate hail, and also gusty winds. but it's in orange from kansas city right down into oklahoma city, that's where we could see baseball-size hail out of
in time in falls church, virginia. @ the city is hosting civil war day. organizers are promising the real blast from the past. it's going on from 10:00 until 3:00 today. activities include living history presentations, soldier and civilian reenactment and plenty of music and activities. it also includes tours of the new civil war trail through the town and it's absolutely free. >> they go all out for that too. >> they might be a little hot. >>> in just a few hours, a maryland woman will try to make history in the preakness stakes. here's. >> good morning, everyone. get out your black-eyes susans, because it is finally preakness day. two weeks ago, rosy made history in a fifth place finish, the best finish for a female jockey ever in the derby. she returns home later today. she will become only the third female jockey to race in the preakness stakes. but she's just happy to be back at her old stomping grounds. >> obviously, being very familiar with the track is probably an advantage. i mean, i've ridden this race course a million times. won plenty of races on it it. at least for me it's no
throughout the city. >> well, he did have rahm emanuel as his chief of staff, political, politicalo. chris: did they have the power from the day they took office to hire or fire? >> no. chris: who did? >> the president of the united states. >> that's precisely what the president finally did this week. he fired the acting chief of the i.r.s. i thought that was a moment in which he addressed his real problem, which is not a trust gap, it's a power gap. people see him as not able to run the government and manager -- manage it. when he fired that guy, he looked presidential. chris: let's talk about benghazi. did the white house play a role in downplaying the role of terrorism right before the election? >> i think the answer broadly is yes. i can remember as a reporter calling various agencies trying to get people to talk about the possibility that al qaeda was adopting new tactics, was trying to insert itself in fights in north africa as in benghazi and libya and kind of getting, oh, we're not sure about that. i think the answer is yes. they wanted this to go away. they were delighted when rom
church, virginia. the city is hosting civil war day. organizers are promising a blast from the past. it's going on from 10:00 to 3:00 today. activities include living history presentations, soldier and civilian reenact ms and plenty of music and activities that include tours of the new civil war trail through the town. admission is free. >>> we have a traffic alert for you. a portion of pennsylvania avenue is going to be shut down between 3rd and 6th street in d.c. it's for the fiesta asia street festival. the party begins at 10:00 this morning and ends at 7:00 tonight. the street should be reopened by 11:00 tonight. we're also celebrating asian pacific american heritage this month. jinger and francis park are two sisters who started d.c.'s first chocolate shop more than 30 years ago. behind all these sweet treats, it's a story inspired but survival. it began when bombs were going off during the war and their mom escaped north korea. >> she took the chocolate bars back to her house, hid under the burlap blankets again and vowed if i'm going to die, i'm going to die with chocolate in my
along with classes for 12 years. she first dropped out of school in mexico city to help her family 50 gleyears ago. booth will pursue a masters degree. and she said she did it for herself because she wanted to learn. >> now she'll move on to more education. >>> those of us who use smartphones are doing a lousy job of taking care of it. there's proof right this. >> yeah. that's the conclusion of an influential consumer group. >> reporter: given what "consumer reports" magazine found in its report, somebody suggested maybe we'd all be better off sticking with dumb phones. >> think of it as a cell phone, but it's like a little computer in your pocket. >> reporter: a minicomputer that contains more and more of the personal data. yet, the survey found nearly 40% of us don't even bother to take with simple password protection. >> your phone is like a master key to your bank account information, your social networks. so so many different things. if you don't put a lock on that, well, as soon as you lose your phone, somebody swipes the screen and they have access to everything you have done.
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11